The Dogs

Hot diggity dog! Nothing goes better with a highscore than a Crowbar dog. Your choice of beef or veggie served on fresh bun.

The Retro Dog- ketchup, mustard, onion 5

No. 1 Cowboy Dog- queso, bacon bits, crispy onion, bbq sauce 6

Dungeon Dog- cheddar cheese, onion, chili 6

Sauer Loser Dog. sauerkraut, onion, mustard 6

The Zaaa

Fresh out the freezaa! 8 inch personal pizza that hits all the right buttons.

The Zaa- cheese, red sauce, ketchup, mustard, hot dog, pickles 10

Cowboys Daddy-cheese, red sauce, bacon bits, crispy onion, bbq sauce, jalapeño 12

Zaa Dungeon Master-

cheese, red sauce, chili, fritos, cheddar aioli, onion 12

the Munchies

Frito Pew Pie-fritos, queso sauce, chili, onion, chive 6

Flamin’ Hot Smothered Cheetos- cheetos, queso sauce, jalapeno, onion, chive 5

Popcorn-sweet & salty… the way of the Crowbar 3